Next play day

April 2022


We try and keep rules to a minimum and do

expect a degree of common sense as

off roading can be dangerous.

At sign in all drivers will need to present

a driving licence or photo ID.

Speed limit in the fields is 5mph.

Anyone doing deliberate donuts or wheel spins in the fields will be removed from the site and their membership revoked.


If you have children with you they must wear a hi-viz top, they are available in the burger bar for a nominal fee if you don’t have one.

Any driver who does not have a full UK driving licence must be accompanied by a full licence holder at all times, and they must be over 17 years of age.

Exceptions may be made BUT must be pre-approved.

Everyone in a vehicle must be wearing a seatbelt at all times, children must be in an age appropriate seat, anyone not wearing a seat belt will be asked to leave.

Rear seat passengers must have some form of roll over protection on soft top cars vehicles such as Suzuki SJ’s and Vitara’s



We do allow non MOT vehicles,

however they will be checked for safety,

if they do not comply, you will not be able to enter.

Knackered MOT failures will not be allowed on site.

Mud Monsters is not somewhere to bring vehicles to run them into the ground. 

All vehicles must have fully working

Brakes including hand brake.


Seat belts

Windscreen or mesh.

No sharp edges or missing panels, and must be structurally sound.

Kinetic ropes and ground anchors are not to be used.

We do allow you to use your own winches, however steel winch ropes must not be used.

Recovery points must be strong enough for your vehicle, the lashing eyes found on Discovery chassis are not to be used for recovery, they were never intended for that purpose and are not strong enough.